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Letter form Getta Kellermann born Fröhlich, Israel, on 16 March 1965

Dear Mr. Fechenbach,,

First, I must introduce myself. I am the youngest of the twelve Fröhlich children from Bad Mergentheim. You will not be able to remember me as I was born when we have to "thank the German fatherland for the certainty of war,"-

During a visit with my brother Jacob the request came as a war party to the First World War on your work, a to write book about the last Mergentheimer Jews, and your request, if possible, to contribute material to this topic After reading about Italy until 1940 (the last legal time before declaring war between Italy and England). Many student with certificate emigrated from Mergentheim, there are few things I still remember from that time on.

We sold all our belongings in 1939 and after living in Germany could no longer live as Jew (the Nuremberg Laws), my dear mother and I, we are looking for accommodation we found a room at Miss Westheimer (Ochsengasse or Wettgrass next to City Hall). I admire today, as then, my almost 70 year old mother in a barely heated room (no one dared for us to repair the old stove, and it was a bitterly cold winter) and to get used to the primitive sanitary facilities. (She had probably used later on far worse.) Our "march" on the Holzapfelgrasse we taken with Jacob Fisch, who had tried shortly before to commit suicide by taking a large dose of sleeping pills but was rescued by hospital treatment. Cynical, mocking laughter accompanied our kids wagon march with all the things-most. Miss Miltenberg woman who had sold the Fechenbach Inn to a greengrocer, had shortly before accounted that she had just found Miss Sara Rothschild shot on Holzapfelgrasse.

We held our last small simple service of worship of Jom Kippur and Rosch Haschonoh – in a very depressed mood after the evil which had either destroyed or closed the synagogues in Germany.

When the food cards where tossed around I was never been accosted and even got an extra ration of eggs instead of meat ration even for my suffering mother. A farmer's daughter Rüdenauer (former neighbors) at night had secretly brought my mother some necessary food, even then a dangerous proposition.

When I emigrated in 1940 (with only hand luggage), I had brought my mother to Nüremberg with the best hope that soon my good mother would get, as her parents had applied for, a certificate to English for my mother and my siblings. The possibility of inhumane deportations would then, in 1940, no one would have believed. Maybe you can from Mrs. Carlé (drugstore at the Town Hall), which until recently had a friendly relationship with his wife Annette Rothschild, learn about the last Mergentheim Jews. Perhaps the butcher Adam Lochner (Hozapfelgrasse) may have seen a large part the last events of the Jewish community in Mergentheimer.

Perhaps some of this above material is suitable for your work.
Sincerely yours

Getta Kellermann
born Fröhlich
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