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Letter from Lydia K. Mansbach born Kahn, New Jersey, United States

Despite all the commercial difficulties for us Jews, which have increased noticeably in 1938, my father still went on business trips.
When the 8 November 1938 from W├╝rzburg to Lauda drove the train home, he heard well into his compartment, that the Nazis Jews attacked and beaten. But in the meantime, our house was visited in Bad Mergentheim by an SS man who asked my mother where my father is, and she said that he has made a business trip, he was satisfied and left. My mother lost no time and went straight to the next train to Lauda, where they just encountered when transferring my father and told him, what had happened in Mergentheim. So they got out in Edelfin conditions and Moses went to our friend Frank, who hid my father for the night in a haystack. Until the following night, after everything was quiet again, my mother went with a friend to walk to Edelfingen and took my father home.
From my mother, both brothers Ludwig Jonas and wife Clare and Jacob Jonas and wife Martha were killed in concentration camps.
My father's brother Benno born Kahn with his wife Therese and daughter Marianne, who had already fled to Holland, have also been killed by the Hitler gangs.
It's so hard to remember, and I can not write about it.
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